Shred the world in this SSX Gamescom trailer

Winter is coming and EA games would like you to enjoy the snow from the comfort of your couch. The new SSX is out in January 2012 and features a gigantic range of mountains for you to hurl yourself down. Actually, you get to be like Scarface in this new SSX, because the world is literally yours as EA is promising 100,000-player “live events.”

The environments were developed with the help NASA topographical data. These mountains are legit, but the tricks you’ll be pulling will be anything but. From the looks of the trailer, a 1220 triple front flip over a helicopter is completely realistic. Looks like the over the top stunts are back and you can enjoy the mountain bombing insanity with a bunch of your friends.

The only way it could be more perfect is if you could smack a skier on the side of the head on your way down.

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