Diablo III beta begins; more invites coming

The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open.

With those words, Blizzard has officially opened the Diablo III closed beta. If you’ve been chosen to participate in the beta, your invite should be coming soon. If you weren’t chosen, take heed, for Blizzard will release more beta keys as the test continues. That’s right, take heed. I’m setting the mood here people.

Naturally, feedback from the beta will be used to shape the finalized game. Best of all, the Diablo III beta doesn’t come with a non-disclosure agreement, so testers are free to talk about the beta with anyone they want.

If your beta warrior needs a mystical guide in their quest against the forces of evil, Blizzard doesn’t have a wizened old man on standby, but they have posted a Diablo III Beta FAQ to answer all your questions.

Forsooth, Diablo III is almost ready to be released!

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