Daily Scoop: October 11, 2011 – Post-plague edition

Whew! I’ve had a horrible flu the last few days that basically knocked me out of commission. I’m still dragging a bit – I’ve got that slightly stupid sick feeling – but I’m out of bed, and that’s what’s important! I’m back with a vengeance, ready to deliver you the hottest scoops on the Internet!

Let’s see, what’s going on? Amazon’s Deal of the Day in video games is the recently released Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin by Atlus. This PSP remake – released in America for the first time – is just $29.99 today. Fans of the series who can’t afford it at $39.99 might think $10 off isn’t the best deal, but if it’s enough of a discount for you, you know what I say! Scoop it up :)

What else, you asked? Well, there’s one Lightning Deal up at Amazon as well:

2 PM PDT/5 PM EST: For those who love the classic gaming experience, this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun on the go. (Could this be the PSP Go? No…)

Amazon’s also got new weekly deals up in video games:

That’s a lot of deals! I can’t stop laughing about Brink. What a sucker I was to pay full price! If only I’d waited…

T-shirt-wise, I’m loving today’s shirt.woot, which prepares you for Halloween by giving you “Other Uses for Candy Corn:”


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