Uncharted 3 to include early access to Starhawk public beta

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has gone gold and is all set for its November 1, 2011 release date. If this news wasn’t enough to elate PlayStation fans, Sony has announced that all copies of Uncharted 3 will include early access codes for the Starhawk public beta.

Starhawk is a third-person shooter from the creators of Warhawk that takes place in a future in which “humanity’s last hope lies in the lawless frontier of space where factions battle over the universe’s most precious resource, Rift Energy.” It promises 32-player online combat on foot and in vehicles, as well as a “Build & Battle” system for more tactical options.

The beta will take place sometime in early 2012. Sony has promised that more details will be available at StarhawkTheGame.com soon.

From everything I’ve read, I’m expecting the game to be the “Firefly”/Battlefield crossover of my dreams. So if you want early access to that brand of awesomeness, pick up a copy of Uncharted 3 and get your voucher!

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