Vita owners may be able to re-download UMD titles

Good news for those of you planning to buy a Vita at launch – rumors are abounding that Sony might be scheming a way to let you play your UMD library on your shiny new device.

According to Andriasang, there are two possible ways this might go down. One rumor going around is from a retailer who claimed to be at a Sony sales meeting. The retailer stated that “Sony had distributed a pamphlet outlining how Vita buyers may be able to make use of their current UMD collection on the new system.” Sounds promising, right?

Don’t get your hopes up too quickly. An interview with Sony Computer Entertainment development head Yoshio Matsumoto in the latest Dengeki PlayStation sings a different tune. According to Matsumoto, “Sony is looking into offering a service where owners of the UMD version of a game would be able to download the same title at a special price.”

Whether or not these are both part of the same plan is still a mystery. But I know what I’d really love: if I didn’t have to pay for a game a second time. Wouldn’t that be a grand world, full of fairness and justice?

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