Bethesda programmed Morrowind, Cyrodiil into Skyrim

When I first picked up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I realized that this was the way I wanted to play Elder Scrolls. I only wished that I could return to the lands from the two previous games, Morrowind and Cyrodiil, with Skyrim’s engine. Well, maybe we won’t have to wait that long for an official way to do it.

On the tumblr site PPSh-41, the owner of the site, Jesse, has used the noclip setting in the PC version of the game to go outside Skyrim’s boundaries. There, he found that the worlds of the previous two games were actually IN the game. Sadly, these lands were in a dramatically lower resolution, lower scale, and not functional or playable in any form.

Why is it there?  I would like to hope that maybe Bethesda has some big plans for Skyrim DLC in the future to include the worlds of the previous games. Of course, this could also just be the attention to detail that Bethesda is known for in it’s games, or just throwing in a nice little easter egg for those who were curious. Either way, it’s a rather exciting prospect.

Once again, the tumblr article with pictures and analysis can be found here: PPSh-41.

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