Wii U might support multiple tablet controllers

With the rise of online multiplayer gaming, sometimes I wonder about the loss of the days where four people could sit in a room and get some game on together. When Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference revealed that the Wii U would support only one controller per console, I thought this was the beginning of the end of single console multiplayer, and it made me sad.

But Nintendo says that they are working on it. A source that chose to remain anonymous told Develop that Nintendo is working to bypass the coding restrictions the system had in order to allow two controllers to work on the same system. But the source also said that we aren’t going to be having four controllers on the system like the old days any time soon. Apparently, it’s just outside of the systems capabilities to have more than two tablet controllers. The Wii U will suport four Wii Remotes in addition to the tablet controller for multiplayer.

Either way, Nintendo said last month that the Wii U would be shown in it’s final form at E3 2012, so our speculations will become reality by next year.

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