Dance for Jabba in Kinect Star Wars

OK, we don’t know for sure that you’ll be dancing for Jabba in Kinect Star Wars, but the recently released ESRB Rating Summary confirms that the game will include a “dancing mini-game” with “revealing outfits.” Sure sounds like the Jabba’s Palace scene from Return of the Jedi to me:

In the dancing mini-game, some female characters perform suggestive moves (e.g., gyrating their hips/buttocks) and wear revealing outfits (partially exposed cleavage/buttocks).

So allow me to amend the headline to say “Dance for Jabba in Kinect Star Wars while your character wears Leia’s gold bikini!” (OK, we don’t know that either, but I know you’re all thinking it).

Yeah, this is going to be the greatest Star Wars game ever.

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