Xbox Live Achievements for The Simpsons Arcade Game uncovered

Konami still hasn’t announced it, but sent their love down a well and came up with a dozen Xbox Live Achievements for The Simpsons Arcade Game.

The 12 Achievements lend further credence to the game’s existence as well as giving us a few hints about what to expect when Konami does finally announce it.

The “Mr. Sparkle” Achievement references a Survival Mode and the “Japanese ROM.” The Japanese version of The Simpsons Arcade Game featured a lower difficulty level and various other gameplay tweaks, so it looks like both will be playable in XBLA (and PSN) port.

Speaking of multiple difficulty levels, the “Excellent” Achievement confirms that in addition to the Japanese ROM the game will also include an Expert Mode and something called the “Individual Quarters Mode.”

Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achievements.
Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achievements.
Hit the jump to see the complete list of Achie…

Battling Seizure Robots (10)
Playing from stage 1, defeat the battling robot.

Best Score Ever (25)
Earn 250 points (US) or 25,000 points (Japan) in a game.

Bongo’s Angst (10)
Playing from stage 1, get Bongo to appear in 4 different levels.

Dysfunctional Family (10)
Play in a 4-player match with three other people.

Easier Than Arm Wrestling (10)
Defeat the Wrestler without any player dying.

“Excellent” (30)
Complete the game on Expert difficulty in individual Quarters mode.

Falling For Smithers (10)
Playing from stage 1, fall through the deck after Smithers.

Helper Monkey (10)
While performing a Team Attack, damage 25 enemies.

It Tastes Like Burning (10)
Hurt Smithers with one of his own bombs.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby (25)
Complete the game four times, once with each character.

Mr. Sparkle (25)
From stage 1, make it to the stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM.

Release The Hounds (25)
Complete the game in 30 minutes or less.

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