Amy dated and priced, with a twist

New survival horror game Amy has been dated and priced… well, kind of. The developers, VectorCell and Lexis Numérique announced that it would be released on January 10 on the PSN for $12.99, and on January 11 on the XBLA for $10/800 Microsoft Points.

Why the disparity in price? According to José Sanchis, CEO of Lexis Numérique:

“We decided to have a new approach to digital distribution by proposing heavy content at a very reasonable price because we believe price is a key issue, especially during hard economic times. Indeed, we believe Amy could have been sold a little bit higher. However, the issue we have to deal with is that a price in MS points doesn’t have the same value in all countries. Indeed, because of fluctuations between the dollar and the euro, 800 MS points are currently worth $10 in the US but €10 in Europe, which is about $12.8. As we have the same price in MS Points in all countries, there will be a difference of pricing whatever decision we make between countries and/or platforms. The pricing scheme we announced enables everyone to buy the game at a reasonable price with great value for the money, with an even greater deal for the XBLA gamers who indeed have it cheaper.”

The company currently has a poll on their Facebook page asking the community to vote on whether or not they should change the PSN price to $9.99, adding in that the PSN version will be delayed “at least one week” if the community votes to change the price.

This entire thing just seems silly to me, and smacks of shadiness. But the game does look really good, so I hope the community votes to lower the PSN price.

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