Weekly Warp-Up: Winter Isn’t Coming Edition

No, that’s not a typo. Welcome to the Weekly Warp-Up, your weekly wrap-up of the biggest and the best articles posted at Warp Zoned this week…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter… except, not really. Winter is nowhere to be seen in my corner of the good old US of A and I bet it’s pretty warm where you live too. Take that, Game of Thrones!

But I’m sure it’s January and I’m sure I’m sure because the latest edition of Warpback, What We Played in December 2011, was published this week as well as our look ahead at The Games of January 2012.

Of course, you can also tell it’s January by all the next-gen console rumors that have begun to circulate. You can read up on all the juicy PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii U rumors after the break… along with the rest of the Weekly Warp-Up.

The Week in Reviews…

The Week in New Games…

Amazing Paperboy Delivers…

It’s a Secret to Everybody…

  • Michael Pachter predicts the Wii U will have poor third party support at launch.
  • The latest rumors say the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be announced at E3 2012.
  • A Disney newsletter more or less confirms Epic Mickey 2.
  • A composer on God of War IV outed the game on his resume, and then told the world it wasn’t a mistake!
  • Rumor has it the Wii U’s tablet controller will double as an e-reader with all the issues of Nintendo Power you can read!

And Finally…
Eiji Aonuma has revealed that the timeline found in Hyrule Historia is just a best guess as the gameplay of every Zelda game comes first. Take that Internet!

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