Daily Scoop: February 20, 2012 – Add some Disgaea to your day!

Well I certainly did do a lot of baking this weekend, and a lot of writing, but not nearly as much video gaming as I wanted. I did go to the movies, and play some Dungeons & Dragons, and watched “The Walking Dead,” of course. And ate lots and lots and lots of food. Yum!

So what’s the big deal for today? I’m happy to say it’s Amazon’s Deal of the Day in video games, which is the Premium Edition of Atlus’ Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. If you’ve never played this series, there’s no better time than now – grab that up for $39.99, and maybe find a cheap deal on the PSP version of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and say goodbye to your free time for the next few… months.

There’s also a fantastic video game related shirt today:

Shirt.w00t‘s “A Superbotanical Study” is a must-have for all you Mario fans out there:

Seriously, you can’t pass that up.

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