It’s a Zapper… that transforms into Megatron… made out of Legos

While I’m not sure what I would have given to obtain this transforming Zapper made out of Legos when I was eight, at the very least I certainly would have entertained an offer for my soul from Old Scratch.

And it’s a good thing too, as Lego maestro Baron von Brunk has just completed such a mashup, which he’s dubbed Plasmashock. Based on Megatron’s pistol design from the Transformers Generation 1 toy line, it is everything my eight-year old self imagined… and more (because it’s built out of Legos).

For the Baron’s next trick, he plans to large replica of a Nintendo Entertainment System that transforms into a giant robot like Metroplex or Fortress Maximus. An 80s-style “We’re not worthy!” has never been more appropriate.

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