Should we start calling it the eye pad? Eye therapy games developed for iPad

Now, people with visual impairments can look to video games as a new form of therapy! Dr. Jeffrey Becker, a developmental optometrist, and Dr. Robert Bohlander, a neuropsychologist, created a variety of games for iPad dubbed the Oculomotor Therapy Program to treat visual system dysfunction and strengthen visual skills.

The iPad program was created with the help of a special education teacher, and combines the fun of playing a game with carefully monitored therapeutic benefits to improve a patient’s quality of life. Every time a patient uses the program, doctors can track progress in real time and adjust the prescribed game activities to meet patient goals.

“There are currently 16 different game activities, with new games in development. Each has multiple levels of difficulty designed to address vision problems of different levels of severity.”

Right now, the Oculomotor Therapy Program is only available through an approved doctor. For more information, or a list of approved doctors, check out the NeuroSensory Center of Eastern Pennsylvania!

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