The Skyrim Creation Kit gives players even more to explore

So you’ve poured hundreds of hours into the land of Skyrim. You’ve fought civil wars, shouted dragons out of the sky, and accidentally lit a few villages on fire (you say accidentally, but your evil cackling has made me question that). You’ve fulfilled your destiny as the Dragonborn and smote Alduin on the mountainside.

What now?

Just when you thought the land of Skyrim had enough to do, Bethesda plans to roll out the Skyrim Workshop and Creation Kit “soon.” Like the Elder Scrolls Construction Set before it, the Creation Kit puts the software used to develop the game right into your eager little hands. Didn’t think the Throat of the World was tall enough? Add a few hundred feet. Wish there was a cabin in the woods with NPC’s spouting lines from Evil Dead? Do it. The world of Skyrim is a sandbox, and you are now Akatosh.

Sadly, all the wonderful mods that people are sure to make will only be available on the PC version of the game. But, maybe if we are nice, Bethesda will collect the best ones and provide them as delicious DLC for all the good console Dragonborn.

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