Gravity Rush accelerates into stores on June 12

Ever wish you could walk on walls, fly through the air, and basically control gravity while saving the planet from some monsters? Well your wish has been granted via the Playstation Vita with Gravity Rush, out June 12. Newton would scoff at how easily you’ll be able to bend his laws of physics but appreciate the liberal use of apples in the trailer.

Gravity storms have been tearing apart the world and it is up to a strange girl named Kat, with the inexplicable power to manipulate gravity, to save the population from the requisite hoard of monsters. The distinct, cell-shaded art style looks beautiful and the open world level design is sure to keep you engrossed in the action. Using all the features the Vita has to offer, you can hurl Kat in any direction with a flick of your finger or a tap on either of the screens. Just hold on tight, you don’t want to accidentally flick your shiny new console out the window where it’ll achieve terminal velocity.

You can pick up Gravity Rush this summer on the PSN or as a game card in brick and mortar retailers.

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