Is this a God of War IV teaser trailer?

We know God of War IV is coming, even though it remains unannounced. We know this as surely as we know that Nintendo is working on another Mario game and Sega is working on another 3D Sonic. It is the way of things when it comes to the video game industry. But Italian website has gone a step further and posted, what they claim, is a leaked trailer for the game.

The trailer opens with a Mature rating (even though, officially, God of War IV hasn’t been rated by the ESRB), the “Sony Computer Entertainment presents” text, and the Sony Santa Monica logo. Then a series of grayish images are flashed on the screen (a stone structure, floating rocks, hands reaching up from the ground) as a voice intones:

Brother, the phoenix has been drinking your blood. Full of your anger. Blood. Full of your anger and your strength in life. Now I ask you, what have you been doing with her? Would you leave me here in hell? Kratos… wake up! wake up!

Finally, we’re greeted with the God of War IV logo. Is it real? Who knows. But it certainly is convincing.

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