The Games of March 2012

There’s a lot of excitement going on at Warp Zoned for the month of March! It looks like Mass Effect 3 is a staff favorite, along with the latest Kid Icarus and Tales games. We’re going in like an N7-lion and coming out like a slaughtered lamb from Silent Hill in this latest edition of what we’re planning on playing!

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
March is my birthday month, yay! You know what that means: I will be able to afford a Vita! I plan on playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Touch My Katamari until my hands fall off. I am really excited about this prospect!

As for actual March releases, I’d like to finish up Silent Hill before the HD Collection comes out, so I can play that one in glorious hi-def. I’m also pretty stoked about Kid Icarus: Uprising, but I’m not sure if it’s a day-one purchase for me. 2012 is the year that I am a frugal spender, and sadly, that includes video games. But I have good friends who love loaning me things, especially on the staff here at Warp Zoned, so I’m sure I’ll get to play it at some point!

Ryan Littlefield
Podcast Producer
March already?! Sheesh! Oh wait, yes! That means I’ll be able to get my greasy paws all over Mass Effect 3! Oh, and they’re not greasy – I take good care of my paws. Especially since I’ll need them clean in order to use any touch controls required for Unit 13 – a game that looked pretty awesome when I saw a preview a while back. Unfortunately, the demo was kind of wonky with my Vita. Keeping the couch co-op dream alive, I will be picking up Mario Party 9 at some point, and it will be interesting for sure to see how it turns out as the first Mario Party title not made by Hudson Soft. *single tear*

Tales of Graces F will be a priority to pick up. Not because I’m a loyal fan of the Tales series – I haven’t actually experienced any of them yet – but because I hear great things about the series, and am hoping Namco Bandai will continue to localize the upcoming Tales titles: Tales of Xillia and the Vita’s Tales of Innocence R, so that I can experience both of those eventually as well.

Ninja Gaiden 3 will surely be a departure from the rest of this list, but I am equally excited for that, especially since there seem to be a lot of new and interesting changes to the series with this new addition. I’d say that all of these will take up most of my time, wouldn’t you? And on that note – happy gaming!

John Martin
Staff Writer
Just like Nicole, March is my birthday month! Yay for March birthdays! While I probably won’t be getting a Vita, I am going to spend most of my waking hours during Spring Break playing Mass Effect 3. I will save the universe from the Reapers and do absolutely nothing else. Well, I guess I could show my 3DS some love and play Kid Icarus: Uprising, since I was hoping to play it as a launch title way back when. If I get enough scratch, I might run out and get Tales of Graces F just because I’m a sucker for the Tales series. That should be enough gaming to last me until we start seeing some April showers.

Andrew Rainnie
Staff Writer
Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I have never actually played any of the Mass Effect games (I own a PS3, we never got the first one – to me that’s like watching Die Hard 2: Die Harder without seeing Die Hard – how can you die harder if you have never died hard??? I really hope I die hard)…

Anyway, I enjoyed the demo of Mass Effect 3 so much that I’m going to go and pick up Mass Effect 2, and read about the original Mass Effect (I am not buying an Xbox 360 this late into its life for one game) so that I can then buy the much vaunted third entry. Also, being from Britain, so not having to partake in Operation: Rainfall, I might also pick up The Last Story on Wii (which was technically a February release but hey).

This is all on the assumption I win the lottery, or, less likely, get a job.

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