Anomaly: Warzone Earth invades XBLA on April 6

When 11 Bit Studios decided to bring their “reverse tower defense” game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, to platforms beyond the PC and iOS, they realized that they needed to create the perfect control scheme. After testing an old joystick with suction feet on the bottom, a Virtual Boy, the Minority Report gloves, and several others, they were stumped. A breakthrough in the process came thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Dr. Ed. The 11 Bit scientists found their perfect control method in the Xbox 360 controller. You can relive the entire process thanks to the “documentary video” above.

So now, the developer is happy to announce that Anomaly: Warzone Earth will be available to download from the XBLA on Friday, April 6 (what’s with all the Friday release dates?).

Personally, I think the Twister controller had potential.

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