BioShock Vita will get Irrational’s “full attention” after BioShock Infinite

During last year’s E3 Expo, Ken Levine famously stepped on the Sony stage and announced that a new BioShock game was in development exclusively for the Vita. Since then, we’ve heard absolutely nothing about it. How come? Apparently, it’s because BioShock Vita is on the back burner until Irrational finishes up BioShock Infinite:

Wired: Are you really focusing on BioShock Infinite before you get to work on the Vita game? Or are you working on both simultaneously?

Levine: These games really are all-consuming endeavors. You do want to keep the ball rolling but it is tough to give it your full attention before you finish what you have. But we’re getting there with Infinite.

This news came from a Wired interview where Levine gets into some of the real nitty gritty design choices his team made in BioShock Infinite. While this is bad news for Vita owners hoping to get an exclusive look into Irrational’s world sometime soon, it’s an amazingly entertaining read.

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