League For Gamers to educate PAX East 2012 about proposed violence warning legislation

Are you familiar with bill H.R. 4204? If your answer was no, the League For Gamers, an organization that stands against legislation it considers detrimental to the games industry, would like you to know what it’s all about.

H.R. 4204 proposes that every video game carrying an ESRB rating of Everyone, Everyone 10+, Teen, Mature, or Adults Only must carry a warning label that states “Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.” The League For Gamers feels that this assertion is based on questionable research, and will be asking con-goers for their support in their ongoing efforts to protect the games industry from legislation like H.R. 4204, SOPA, and PIPA.

Interested parties can stop by the booth at PAX East and meet with a representative, or visit the League For Gamers website for more information.

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