New Borderlands 2 class, some collector’s edition details revealed during PAX East

As if actually getting to play Borderlands 2 this weekend wasn’t enough, Gearbox also revealed some intimate details about the game. A new class, the Mechromancer (pictured), will be available as free DLC (post-launch) to those of us fanatics who pre-order the game. The Mechromancer will be a human/machine hybrid, and will have the power to control D374-TP (known as “Deathtrap”) robots.

But that’s not all. Borderlands 2 will also include new customization options for characters, meaning you’ll be able to create your own wardrobe as you earn different gear and costumes. But the big news is the collector’s edition, which will be in the shape of a loot box and will have a Marcus bobblehead. Aforementioned fanatics will be paying a steep $149.99 for it. We’ll let you know the details as soon as we have more.

Borderlands 2 will be out on September 18th (a painful five months!) for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

[Source: IGN]

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