Xenoblade Chronicles Review Revisited

It’s April 6 and Xenoblade Chronicles has finally (FINALLY!) made its way onto store shelves in America. Correction, make that one store’s shelves. Xenoblade Chronicles is exclusive to GameStop. If you’re looking for a review to reassure you that buying one of the last big Wii games is a good idea, you’re in luck, we’ve had one lying around since the game’s European release:

Director Tetsuya Takahashi and writers Yuichiro Takeda and Yurie Hattori have managed to craft a world both unusual and yet familiar, allowing us to accompany Shulk and his band of heroes as they travel across two worlds, dealing with Gods and monsters alike. We share in their accomplishments and wallow in their grief. Xenoblade Chronicles is not just a game; it is an experience you will miss when it is finally over. It manages to raise questions about our own beliefs and spirituality as well as about the role of machines in our lives, and all while, offering up one of the greatest game playing experiences of this generation.

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