Add Halo: The Thursday War to your book library this October

Microsoft and Tor Books have announced the next novel in Karen Traviss’ Kilo-Five trilogy, Halo: The Thursday War, will be released on October 2.

The novel is a sequel to Halo: Glasslands and will give fans their first taste of the “events and circumstances that will come to define the state of the Halo universe in Halo 4.”

Instead of the big action moments of the previous Halo novels and games, Traviss said she wanted The Thursday War to “focus on what it feels like to operate in a fragile ceasefire that’s turning into a mass of small, unpredictable wars where the enemy is much harder to spot and define.” She added, “This is a messy conflict seen at close quarters by real people with their own problems, whether those people are human, alien, or artificial intelligences.”

Halo: The Thursday War picks up immediately where Halo: Glasslands left off, with forces on Earth and among the Covenant threatening a peace that is precarious at best. With a splinter group among the Sangheili [Elites] pushing for war, some human colonies rebel against earth authority; and as ONI policy continues to shift with the volatile situation in space, the discovery of a trove of Forerunner technology on Onyx provokes leaders on Earth to seek uses for it in the conflict. For the fight is far from over…

Halo: The Thursday War will be available in both hardcover and audio formats.

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