Microsoft to give refunds to gamers who can’t play Minecraft multiplayer

It’s often that we hear about a huge corporation messing it up for the little consumers like us, but in light of the recent Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition splitscreen debacle, it seems that the big, bad Microsoft is playing nice.

For those of you who don’t know, the splitscreen feature for Minecraft is only available if you have an HDTV. If you have a standard def set, you’re out of luck. The problem was that on XBLA, these requirements were never stated and many of the customers thought they were getting the whole game when, sadly, they weren’t able to enjoy one the best features of playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Thankfully, the requirements for splitscreen play have finally been added to the game’s listing and wronged customers are being sorted out in a well-oiled manner.

If you’re one of these disgruntled customers with a standard def set, you can contact Microsoft customer service and receive a refund if you purchased the game before the newly stated requirements went up over the weekend.

It could have been much worse. Microsoft could have told customers to build their own HDTV in Minecraft so that they could play split screen Minecraft in Minecraft. Then together you could each make your own HDTV’s to play Minecraft within Minecraft within Minecraft. Then even Christopher Nolan would be confused.

[Source: Kotaku]

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