Video Game High School is like Glee… but with less singing and more shooting people

Welcome to “Video Game High School,” where instead of math and history and science, you learn important subjects like off-road drifting, the correct way to perform a hadoken, and how best to shoot your classmates in the face.

Needless to say, this new webseries from RocketJump would probably have been the subject of protests a decade ago. But if a bunch of teens can break into song for no reason on television in 2012, a different bunch of teens can jump onto a flagpole from a staircase for equally no reason.

The series features the coming-of-age antics of BrianD as he attempts to woo the girl and fend off his nemesis, a blond-haired Zack Morris wannabe known as “The Law.” Will he get the girl? Will he make the first person shooter team? Will he learn a valuable lesson?

Does Yoshi lay eggs?

“Video Game High School” will run for nine episodes with a new episode debuting every Thursday. You can check out the trailer above or view the full-length series premiere at RocketJump’s website.

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