First details, gameplay footage of Star Wars 1313

Even after its E3 2012 “reveal,” LucasArts is still keeping a pretty tight lid on Star Wars 1313. At this point, we don’t even know what platforms it’s in development for or if it’s even the “future generation” game the publisher announced a few weeks back.

What we do know is that Star Wars 1313 takes place deep within the bowels of Crouscant, on a level reserved for the scum and villainy of the capital planet. The game, which is set between the trilogies, will star an unnamed bounty hunter as he explores a “criminal conspiracy” on the titular level.

According to an IGN preview, this will involve a lot of Gears of War-like cover fire and some Uncharted-like platforming mechanics that make regular use of the bounty hunter’s arsenal of gadgets.

Hit the jump for more video gameplay footage of Star Wars 1313’s shooting and platforming. And remember, you’ll have to do all of it (there is no try) without the aid of The Force.

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