Game Informer reveals Gears of War: Judgment early

Game Informer promised to reveal the first details of the next Gears of War game on Monday, during Microsoft’s E3 2012 Press Conference.

But it looks like they’ve jumped the gun a bit, revealing the new game will be titled Gears of War: Judgment and that it’ll be a prequel set more than a decade before the first game.

According to the magazine, Judgment will star younger versions of Augustus “Cole Train” Cole and Damon Baird during their days in Kilo Squad. Two additional teammates (never-before-seen in Gears lore) will be joining them and IGN got the scoop from an anonymous source:

Baird, Cole, Garron, and Sofia — the four members of Gears of War: Judgment’s Kilo Squad — have been “charged for treason because they didn’t follow orders, stole equipment, and their actions could end up killing millions of people they swore to protect.

So it’s like The A-Team? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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