Miyamoto: Zelda for Wii U is in R&D stage

Last year’s Wii U reveal included a tech demo of Link battling a giant spider in jawdropping high definition. This year, the plucky elf in the green tunic was no where to be seen.

So where was he? Entertainment Weekly pried the answer out of Shigeru Miyamoto yesterday during the closing moments of E3 2012:

EW: So you’re sort of in the R&D stage [for the next Legend of Zelda game]?

Miyamoto: Yeah. With the last game, Skyward Sword, that was a game where you had motion control to use your weapons and a lot of different items, and I thought that was a lot of fun, but there were some people who weren’t able to do that or didn’t like it as much and stopped playing partway through it. So we’re in the phase where we’re looking back at what’s worked very well and what has been missing and how can we evolve it further.

According to Miyamoto, this “research and development stage” involves a lot of experiments at Nintendo including “What is the most important element of Zelda if we were to try to make a Zelda game that a lot of people can play?”

When they figure that out, Miyamoto said, is when Nintendo will announce the next Legend of Zelda game.

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