MS @ E3 12: New Tomb Raider will kick your butt

Crystal Dynamics showed up at the Microsoft Press Conference to show off some of the new Lara Croft game, and Lara kicks some serious butt. At first, I was just sort of like, wow, Lara brought a bow and arrow to a gun fight, but then she proceeded to take out every enemy in sight with it, in true Lara style. She goes from enemy to Quick Time Event to wielding a shotgun to a brutal adventure down a river, ending up in a plane lodged on a waterfall.

Simply entitled Tomb Raider, this is an origin story for Lara, which explains why her breasts aren’t busting out all over the place and her pants are actually comfortable instead of fashionable. I guess she hasn’t gotten to that part of her character development yet.

Croft is definitely at her badass-est here, taking a headshot and walking it off. This game feels a lot like Uncharted 2, and it’s funny to watch everything come full circle – all the Tomb Raider fans out there are probably grateful now that Naughty Dog raised the bar and Crystal Dynamics is answering the challenge.

In true Microsoft style, the first piece of DLC will be available exclusively on Xbox 360.

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