Rumor: Alan Wake 2 announcement imminent

With only hours before the start of E3, the air is electric with anticipation. And it was ramped up a notch with this mysterious tweet from Sam Lake, the lead writer of Alan Wake.

The link leads you to a blog called This House of Dreams, written by the ambiguous Samantha. While this has led to some speculation that there will be a character named Samantha in the next game, it could also be Sam Lake using the female form of his own name. The blog, created back in February, details Samantha’s life as she buys an old house to renovate. Fans of the game will discover several allusions to Alan Wake within the various posts.

Coupled with this treasure trove of mysteries is the fact that the domain registry information for the URL was updated on June 4. Is the update tied to a potential E3 reveal? We’ll find out soon enough.

[Source: Only SP]

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