Sound Shapes coming to PS3, Vita on August 7

Sound Shapes, the musical side-scrolling platformer by Canadian studio Queasy Games, will be coming to both PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 7. Sony made this announcement on the PlayStation Blog. Superbrothers and Jim Guthrie have provided the music and artwork for one of the levels, called Corporeal. In fact, the adorable video above shows Guthrie playing the game and using the editor, creating a level right on the spot.

The beauty of releasing this for both systems on the same day is that there will be crossplay availability from the get-go. As Mathew Kumar so elegantly wrote:

Through the magic of crossplay, you’ll be able to share content between the two systems without even having to really think about it. It’s all thanks to the “cloud” which floats above us like a benevolent data god. Save your campaign data up in the cloud, and download and resume on either platform. Maybe you’ll start creating a song at home on the PS3, but then decide that it’s not really the place to compose your latest masterpiece! Just download it to your PS Vita and make some beats on the bus. Then get off the bus several stops late, in a part of town you don’t know that well, and make some beats there! Then get another bus home, probably.

I’ve been on those buses, Mathew.

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