TrU or False: Retro Studios developing Star Fox United for Wii U

Over the weekend a rumour spread like wildfire across the internet, that Retro Studios, the geniuses behind the Metroid Prime trilogy, were making a new entry into Nintendo’s furry Star Fox universe, entitled Star Fox United.

It started on the 4Chan imageboards, where several dubious screenshots were posted, along with a retro-looking logo. The story was first picked up by Go Nintendo and others quickly followed suit.

However, the images disappeared almost as soon as they arrived, like a giant explosion in the vacuum of space. Most seem to believe it was a hoax, but there is a little part of me praying this is true. I would love a Nintendo version of Mass Effect, mixing flying missions with third or first-person shooter quests. I can imagine seeing the HD detail of Fox’s fur blowing in the kickback from his gun.

For the moment though, it looks to be a dream upon the stars.

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