LittleBigPlanet creator announces Tearaway

Media Molecule is at it again! They’ve been working on an amazing PlayStation Vita game, Tearaway, in which you play as a character named Iota living in a whimsical paper world. He’s on a mission to deliver a special message to you, the player. In fact, his cute little head is an envelope! There’s a stamp and everything. Check out the announcement trailer above for all the cuteness, as well as MM’s uncanny ability to choose the perfect music for all of their videos, ever.

You’re basically a god to this paper world – you can “poke” your fingers up through the back of the Vita to fight enemies and solve puzzles. You can also blow into the microphone to cause gusts of wind, or shout into it to make Iota give a mighty roar. You can even take pictures of stuff in your real life environment to make skins for creatures in the game. Oh, and you can make that elk in real life, too. Just download this papercraft model!

For more information on this cute and quirky game, check out the PlayStation Blog, go to the game’s official site, and/or like it on Facebook.

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