Huge Rock Band DLC sale this week!

Today, Harmonix announced that they are “slashing” (it’s a Guns n’ Roses reference, people) prices of over 1,100 downloadable songs and packs in the Rock Band Store by half! Furthermore, every song is compatible with the recently-released Rock Band Blitz.

Here’s the official update schedule from the Rock Band forums:

Here is the expected timing for the roll out of discounts on different consoles in different regions. This is a HUGE update (seriously, we’re discounting more DLC than most games have ever released) so there are a lot of moving pieces and things may not go 100% to plan, but we’ll update if things look like they’re changing.

Tuesday September 18th

Xbox 360 (worldwide) will be updating in a gradual roll out, and all pricing is expected to update by noon ET.

Nintendo should be updating at the same time that Wii DLC usually goes live.

Sony America (SCEA) is expected to update at the same time that PS3 DLC usually goes live.

Wednesday September 19th

Sony Europe (SCEE / Sony International) is expected to update when PS3 DLC usually goes live.

If you check in and content is not appearing with the new pricing, sit tight and it may be updating shortly. We’ll be keeping an eye on things on our end to make sure we catch any content that slips through the cracks. Enjoy!

So get those points ready! For a list of all the songs included in the sale, click here!

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