Nintendo TVii brings all your movies, sports, and TV together on the Wii U

One of the biggest surprises of today’s Wii U Media Event was the introduction of Nintendo TVii. Basically a built-in program viewer for the system, Nintendo Tvii allows viewers to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Videos, and live sports on your TV or through the Wii U Gamepad. Nintendo TVii is also compatible with your DVR, including the ability to watch saved shows and set new recordings.

Some other features of Nintendo TVii include:

  • Show search
  • Personalized accounts for each family member
  • Interact (or “Engage”) with thumbnail moments as your shows happen live. You can post coments to Twitter, Miiverse, Facebook, take part in polls, and see other’s comments.
  • Look up a show and get information on the cast or the show through the IMDb and Wikipedia
  • Set recordings for an entire series or individual episodes through your DVR
  • See what shows your friends like
  • Favorites – Nintendo TVii will recommend shows based on what shows you already watch
  • Built-in remote accessible on the touch screen
  • Access stats, player info, scores, and post comments/polls, and see highlighted plays during live sports.
  • You can also access YouTube, and other web-based videos

Best of all, Nintendo TVii is available at no additional cost and with no monthly fee!

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