BioShock Infinite returns from radio silence next week

Irrational Games has finally given us some hope: a countdown appeared on the official BioShock Facebook page this morning. The timer is counting down for a new BioShock Infinite trailer release, set to go live on October 21 at 7 AM EST.

This is the first information we’ve gotten since the delay was announced. The game – originally slated to be out next week – was postponed until February 26, 2013. There has been speculation that the delay was due to a reworking of the game’s multiplayer modes. But could it be possible that they’re bringing the game to the Wii U as well?

The game has been absent from all the major gaming shows, and will be out before PAX East next year. This means that, as creative director Ken Levine said, “the next time you see our game, it will be essentially the product we intend to put in the box.”

That’s pretty exciting and a little terrifying. I can’t wait until they start working on the BioShock game for Vita.

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