Daily Scoop: October 12, 2012 – Everybody’s working for the weekend

The weekend is almost upon us! I hope that your weekend is full of delightful fall weather, sweaters, kittens, puppies, candy, and perhaps even a warm spiced drink. Oh, and video games, of course! I’m going to be doing as much gaming as I can fit in with my busy schedule. We’ve got plans to see Looper at some point, and I’m going to a Guinness tasting, which should be nice. Here’s to the busy weekends of the fall!

There are a few good video game deals going on over at Go Hastings right now, including 25% off used games. Put in the code 250K for that one. For some reason, they’re advertising a deal on the game Brink on their games page. Protip: do not buy this garbage. Please!

Finally, I’ve got some great t-shirts for you today!

Tee Fury‘s “Super Blues Bros” takes you on an 8-bit mission from God:

The next is “Aperture Labs” over at 6 Dollar Shirts:

And finally, Tee Turtle‘s “Water Gun” is just $15 this week, and it’s a good one:

Oh, Squirtle.

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