Daily Scoop: October 25, 2012 – Post Office Brawls

Do you know what I don’t do often? Mail packages. In fact, I use snail mail relatively infrequently these days. But I need to mail something to the UK, and guess what? It’s really expensive. I had no idea how much money it cost to physically get something across a giant ocean. It’s a dilly of a pickle!

In other news, our first session of the new D&D Encounters season was last night! This new season will be incorporating elements of D&D Next, the new edition of D&D. So far, it seems pretty interesting, but we’ll have to wait and see how the sessions pan out. I’ll be the DM again, which I’m a little nervous about, but I’m hoping it will be a learning experience!

And now, to the heart of the matter! Today’s deals are sort of just a rehash from earlier this week. Remember those sales I said Amazon was having on games? Well, they’ve added a boatload more to the sale, which they’re calling “Halloween Deals.” You can see the complete list here. Scoop ’em up!

Finally, there are a couple of good t-shirts up today for your perusal:

First up is the sweet “Space Zims” over at Ript:

Then there’s “Charge Attack” over at The Yetee:

And last but not least, “Don’t Tread on Me” is the Deal of the Day over at Busted Tees:

It also comes in green!

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