First screenshots from standalone version of DayZ released

The DayZ creators have been hard at work building their standalone game, and have just released the first screenshots from it. The shots are from in-progress work, “with only basic texture work and initial lighting passes.”

These buildings were made in the original ArmA 2 game with no thought about interiors, and the DayZ creators are going in and giving each building guts, to give the players more opportunities for scavenging for much-needed items. As it says on their development blog,

“The village I used to take the screenshot in now has all its buildings enterable, including the sheds. Most focus has so far been on the buildings that are situated outside of the center, but focus now is turning to doing interiors for the city buildings. This is complicated by our desire to dramatically increase performance, and given the scene complexity inside cities we need to balance this with the desire to increase building scavenging opportunities inside the cities.”

Check out the full post, as well as more screenshots, at the DayZ blog.

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