Daily Scoop: November 19, 2012 – Let the Black Friday deals begin!

Monday, you come way too fast for my liking. The weekend was so short, and full of RPGs and hanging out with my family. We introduced them to Cards Against Humanity, with hilarious results!

So, it looks like Black Friday is starting early at Amazon. They’ve got a bunch of Lightning Deals going on today! Check them out:

  • 9:10 AM PST/12:10 PM EST: “Brings the thrill and fun of winter sports to the…” (That’s all they give us! An ellipsis!
  • 9:10 AM PST/12:10 PM EST: “The best NBA game from the 2011-2012 season” (NBA 2K12)
  • 9:10 AM PST/12:10 PM EST: “Batman’s original foray into the LEGO universe” (Lego Batman)
  • 9:10 AM PST/12:10 PM EST: “Motion mini-games for the family”
  • (Game Party: In Motion)

  • 1:10 PM PST/4:10 PM EST: “Fight your way to becoming the King of Fighters!” (The King of Fighters XIII)
  • 1:10 PM PST/4:10 PM EST: “Take part in the battles and mysteries that lead up …”
  • 1:10 PM PST/4:10 PM EST: “Do you like Dragons?” (Dragon’s Dogma)
  • 1:10 PM PST/4:10 PM EST: “Silent Hill Downpour
  • 1:10 PM PST/4:10 PM EST: “A third person team based shooter experience set…” (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City)

Let’s see how long I can avoid buying any of these games!

Just one t-shirt up today!

It’s the awesome “Strapped” over at Another Fine Tee:

Sometimes I miss the ol’ wires.

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