Obama and Romney fight to the death in Political Kombat ’12

Political Kombat ’12, Slate’s series of videos depicting the battles between the candidates as one-on-one fights to the death, has been a ridicuously awesome success. Watching Romney lay waste to the rest of the Republican pretenders while Obama performs the long form fatality on Donald Trump is just good YouTube time.

But now we’re up to the main event… President Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney. This is the ultimate battle and only one can survive. So be sure to vote for your candidate at the end of the video and in the real election on Tuesday, November 6.

Political Kombat ’12 was clearly created by someone with a deep affinity for the fighting genre and it shows in every special attack. Direct references to Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom litter the entire series. And when… SPOILER ALERT… George Washington showed up as Shao Kahn, I nearly lost it.

Good show Slate.

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