Earth Defense Force 2025 gameplay video showcases new soldiers

We’re on track to receive not one, but two Earth Defense Force games in 2013. There’s the Vita re-release Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and the brand new PS3/Xbox 360 game Earth Defense Force 2025. EDF! EDF! EDF!

In addition to dating EDF 2017 Portable yesterday, D3 Publisher Japan has unveiled a new gameplay video that showcases the new soldier types found in EDF 2025. If you played last year’s Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, you’ll be familiar with the Pale Wing and Air Raider classes, but they’ve been slightly modified for EDF 2025. Actually, the Pale Wing corps operates exactly like the Jet Armor did in Insect Armageddon. Limited flight capabilities from a jetpack and an energy-based weapon mean that the bugs have no where to hide.

The real fun is found with the Air Raider class. The Air Raider is a support soldier that drops a variety of turrets including a healing station, a machine gun turret, and land mines. The Air Raider, true to his name, can also call in an airborne strike that kills bugs dead.


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