The Games of December 2012

There’s not too much to look forward to in December – unless, that is, you want some free time to catch up on your backlog! And with the holiday break coming up, it seems that’s what we here at Warp Zoned will be doing. Unless you just bought a Wii U that is.

John Scalzo
Oh December. Every year the final month on the calendar only produces a handful of games and players who are looking for something brand new are left scrambling to find something. But if you’re truly averse to looking back over this Fall’s biggest releases, I suppose you could do worse than WWE WrestleFest (which I plugged a ton of quarters into back in its arcade heyday) and Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One compilation (which is probably the game to beat in this year’s Game of the Year competitions).

Can we just fast-forward to January already?

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
Other than the Mass Effect Trilogy and the completed Walking Dead, there’s nothing I want to play this month at all. I don’t even want any games for Christmas, as my embarrassing backlog taunts me every day. Christmas vacation will hopefully help me out with that!

Mike Ryan
Wow, the crickets are out in full force this month. I for one see this as a blessing, as I currently have about twenty games in my backlog (curse you, PlayStation HD collections!). I am looking forward to WWE WrestleFest. Hopefully it will bring back the feel that the old arcade game has. Other than that, I’m going to save my cash for the end-of-year deals that’ll roll out on XBLA and PSN. Happy Holidays everyone!

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