Playable Google Doodle celebrates birthday of Frank Zamboni

googledoodlezamboniToday’s Google Doodle is another playable one, promising to waste time for everyone. In the game, people go out on the ice and mark it all up, after which it’s your job to go out with your Zamboni and make the ice all smooth again. There are pickups and obstacles, of course, just like any good old-school game. And it’s also completely adorable.

The Doodle is in honor of Frank Zamboni, creator of – what else? – the Zamboni machine, which cleans up the ice after each period in a hockey game. This is also fortuitous seeing as the hockey lockout just ended and hockey will return this very weekend. Needless to say, I’m sure hockey fans are psyched to play this game.

Once the Doodle has smoothed its way off the Google homepage, you’ll still be able to play it here:

Happy 112th birthday, Frank!

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