Bungie embraces their Destiny

Well, the wait is finally over. This afternoon, Halo creators Bungie unveiled the first details of their newest offering, Destiny, to the public.

The title, which is scheduled to hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and “future generation technology” (that’s the next Xbox and PlayStation systems to the layperson) sounds very ambitious. The story is as follows: In the distant future, humans have spread across the galaxy, exploring the far reaches of space. That is, until they attacked. The entire species is all but wiped out, and all that remains live in a guarded city on Earth. The invading aliens are unable to destroy this last bastion of hope, as the city (and its civilians) are protected by a large, floating orb called “The Traveler” that hovers above. This orb not only shelters the last remaining survivors, but also bestows upon them immense power. The humans use these newfound abilities to try to prevent their extinction.

While this may at first seem like your basic futuristic sci-fi game, Bungie assures us it is anything but. Destiny features an extremely deep online world; almost MMO-like. Destiny is an “always online” first-person shooter, akin to Borderlands. Players are given a choice between three classes: Titan (your heavy hitter), Warlock (magic-wielder), or Hunter (stealth-based). Once you choose your class, you then go through deep customization process, and then you are thrust into the game. You and your friends can progress cooperatively (like Borderlands), or you can choose to join in on a competitive match or two. Vehicles also make up a huge part of Destiny, as it appears you’ll not only be traversing Earth, but also visiting other planets as well.

Bungie is looking to create a world that is always on, always inhabited. Destiny’s main focuses is character interaction – and not just NPCs. Adventures with your friends (and complete strangers) while playing online is what Destiny is all about. According to Bungie’s Joseph Staten, “The most important stories we tell won’t be told by us They’ll be told by players. Personal legends built from shared adventures.”

No specific release date has been given, and Destiny may not even hit shelves this year. But one thing is certain: we can’t wait.

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