God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle has you seeing red

godofwar-redps3bundleWhy do they always make the cool system bundles after I purchase them?

Keeping with the tradition of making me regret my purchases (I still wish I bought the NES-style Game Boy Advance), Sony has announced the God of War: Ascension “Legacy Bundle,” which will hit stores on March 12th.

For the low, low price of $349, this bundle includes the God of War Saga compilation (which features all the God of War games released, including the PSP outings), the new God of War: Ascension and a 30-day trial for PlayStation Plus. The system is a Garnet Red PS3 with a very robust 500 GB hard drive, easily enough room to hold all the freebies you’ll get during your 30-day PS+ subscription.

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