The Aliens: Colonial Marines saga so far


By now, you’ve probably heard at least some of the sordid details surrounding the development process of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Did Gearbox push the majority of the development duties onto TimeGate Studios in order to have more time to work on Borderlands 2? Was the game rewritten and reworked multiple times in the six-year development cycle? What happened to the Wii U version?

Destructoid has compiled a pretty thorough timeline of the events so far and it makes excellent afternoon reading. It’s a much better use of your time than watching Alien 3, that’s for sure.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has turned out to be more than just a bad game. It’s a confusing story of allegations, outsourcing, and potential deception on a considerable level. The biggest mystery to come out of this debacle is the question of who actually made the game. Nobody’s entirely sure.

And sadly (or not, you know, because of all the bad reviews), it looks like the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been postponed indefinitely.

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