Boomshakalaka! Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman are on fire in this NBA Jam parody

Someday, historians may write about Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea as the beginning of a basketball diplomacy program that opened up the secretive nation to the rest of the world. For now though, he’s just the tattooed and pierced weirdo who shared courtside seats with a dictator at an exhibition game.

Naturally, this lead someone to mashup Kim Jong-un’s famed athletic abilities with the extreme stylings of NBA Jam. The “North Korean All-Stars” are lead by Kim Jong-un’s flawless skillset (10 out of 10 in Speed, Power, Shoot, Dunks, Steal, and Block) against a “Pathetic Americans” team that includes Mark Jackson and Sarunas Marciulionis of the 1996-97 Denver Nuggets.

Can you guess the final score? Let’s just say it makes Kim Jong-il’s purported 11 hole-in-ones on the golf course seem realistic.

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