Daily Scoop: March 6, 2013 – Level up

My class isn’t finished yet, but my grant proposal is nearly done! I’ve been dreading write this paper since I started the program a few years ago. And now it’s nearly behind me! It’s a joyous day, despite being a wintry mix outside. I am going to video game so much tonight my hands are going to cramp! Oh wait… I still have homework… well, I’ll just game a little.

No deals today, but I’ll tell you what I’m watching in my Amazon cart, if you really want to know. First is the aforementioned Bit.Trip Complete for $10.76. Now that the DS sequel is out, I’m really tempted to get Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for $19.59. And I really want to get Dead Island for $14.49, as well as Max Payne 3 for $17.77. Stop being so cheap, games I want! I mean, unless Dishonored wants to go on super sale… I won’t complain about that.

I’ve got a few good t-shirts for you:

“Under The Sea” from Ript is sufficiently creepy:


There’s also “The Journey of Courage” at Shirt Punch:


Finally, my favorite, and one I might buy because it mashes up two of my favorite things – Another Fine Tee‘s “Ombre Noire:”


Must… resist…

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